Comments and Compliments

If you have seen Shaun’s magic performances and would like to add your opinion, please let him know.
He’s always willing to hear your suggestions or helpful information too!
To send along your compliments and/or comments, please email Shaun at:
“Thank you so much for your help at our Special Olympics Fun Fair. The kids and athletes all had a blast with you & the balloon animals. We raised over $3600 in total for Special Olympics!  Thank you again!” – Tisha
“You were awesome at our son’s birthday party last weekend! The kids magic show you provided was great, they were just fascinated by your tricks, and your close-up magic really “‘WOWED” our friends and family. I’m still in awe from your magic. Thanx to you our son’s party was a great success! Keep the great magic” – L & G
(Medieval Themed Wedding Reception):
“Thank you so much for entertaining our wedding guests! It really added to the festivities! –  The Jansen/Cotter Family
“Thank you for volunteering at The Haunted Studio.  This year was truly amazing because of your talented magic show.” – Elise
“It is with great pleasure that the staff and clients of Community Support Services, thank you for entertaining us with your enchanting table magic.  Judging by the animated chatter and laughter I can safely say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It is only through kindness & generosity by individuals such as you that makes for a successful & memorable event for the seniors!” – Ruth L., Service Co-ordinator
“We would like to thank you for participating in our Halloween event once again.  We greatly appreciate your time.  The event was a big success and I know the children enjoyed your balloon animals.  Thanks again for being a part of our event!” – Nikki & Staff, Niagara Region Children’s Safety Village
“Thank you, Shaun – Your performance was great!  Keep up the good work!” – Suzanne & Genna D.
“We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for providing us with some great entertainment. …we are sure that your skills as a magician were enjoyed by all. We hope your dreams to become a professional are realized very soon. Thank you for helping make this evening a success!” –  St. Columba’s Church – Sharon & Linda, Co-Convenors
“Thanks for joining us. Your walk-arounds and your stage show were hits with both children and adults. Wishing you a wonderful year!” – Dianne
“I was really impressed by your talents and hope they will take you far –  I hope that you will continue to grow towards your ambition to become a professional magician. You have a great talent and I hope you have much success in your future!” –   John Coppin, fellow Magician