When Shaun was 11 he loved to see all types of magic and had his own little store-bought magic kit. One of his tricks was making a small handkerchief disappear out of his hand and then reappear. He liked showing this trick to anybody who was interested and tried it out on several people at a local restaurant. A magician performing there (Dean Serneels) recognized Shaun’s sleight of hand abilities. Shaun showed Dean a few more of the tricks from the magic kit and Dean was pretty impressed! A friendship began and Dean took an interest in helping Shaun learn and perfect new pocket tricks.

“Dean was always interested in seeing my progress and continued to encourage me. Dean became my magic mentor; giving me helpful suggestions and
showing me “the ropes” of restaurant performing.”


In 2002, after 6 months of practice and mentorship, Shaun was able to perform pocket tricks himself at tables in the restaurant. His hands were too small for a regular deck of cards, so he used Bridge cards (narrower).  Customers loved to see this unique talent and such dexterity in someone so young and Shaun soon developed a persona:  “The Wee Wizard of Welland”.

It was all so different and interesting, as well as challenging at times. Shaun was a short, shy kid but loved to show people what he could do. Having this very special talent to amaze people and seeing their happy reactions was so rewarding.

“I overcame my shyness and developed the confidence I  needed by just showing people magic tricks that I enjoyed doing!”


Over the next few years, with the help of a few major influences, Shaun became proficient not only at close-up magic, but also performing stage magic and balloon twisting. He began performing at parties, events and fundraisers throughout Niagara and was very much in demand.

By 2005, the “Wee” Wizard grew into a very talented 15-year old young man. He later dropped the “Wee” name and became known as the “Wizard of Welland”. Shaun amazed onlookers and audiences with disappearing rings, coins and everyday objects as well as card feats that defied logic.

In 2008, Shaun graduated from high school and attended Niagara College in the “Acting for Film & Television” program. Shaun performed many lead roles and was a supporting actor in several student films. In 2012 Shaun returned to Niagara College to expand his education through the Broadcasting program. In addition to entertaining with magic and stilt walking, Shaun is now pursuing a career in the television production industry.